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LuisEnzo dice:
Ahi viene el joto de José, ni le hablen.
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mrputo dice:
Mayate es aquel que tiene sexo con hombres en el papel insertivo pero no acepta que es puñal
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Vitochas dice:
El mayate (del náhuatl máyatl) escarabajo verde de junio o pipiol (Cotinis mutabilis, otra fuente la llama C. nitida y otra C. texana) es un coleóptero polífago de la familia de los escarabeidos (Scarabaeidae). Se halla en la mitad sur de América del Norte.
Las larvas suelen criarse en estiércol y alimentarse de éste, principalmente de bovinos.
Por su aparente gusto por el estiércol o heces fecales (donde deposita sus larvas), se aplica dicho mote a los homosexuales que tienen el rol masculino.
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xushengda dice:
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HYst dice:
"Marcus!" She did something I'd only seen people do in the movies.

She slapped me, a hard crack across the face. "Talk to me, dammit!"I looked at her and put my hand to my face, which was stinging hard.

"No one is supposed to know who I am," I said. "I can't put it any moresimply. If you know, it's all over. Once other people know, it's all over.""Oh god, I'm sorry. Look, I only know because, well, because I black-mailed Jolu. After the party I stalked you a little, trying to figure out ifyou were the nice guy you seemed to be or a secret axe-murderer. I'veknown Jolu for a long time and when I asked him about you, he gushedlike you were the Second Coming or something, but I could hear thatthere was something he wasn't telling me. I've known Jolu for a longtime. He dated my older sister at computer camp when he was a kid. Ihave some really good dirt on him. I told him I'd go public with it if hedidn't tell me.""So he told you.""No," she said. "He told me to go to hell. Then I told him somethingabout me. Something I'd never told anyone else.""What?"She looked at me. Looked around. Looked back at me. "OK. I won'tswear you to secrecy because what's the point? Either I can trust you or Ican't.

"Last year, I —" she broke off. "Last year, I stole the standardized testsand published them on the net. It was just a lark. I happened to be walk-ing past the principal's office and I saw them in his safe, and the doorwas hanging open. I ducked into his office — there were six sets of cop-ies and I just put one into my bag and took off again. When I got home, Iscanned them all and put them up on a Pirate Party server in Denmark."170"That was you?" I said.

She blushed. "Um. Yeah.""Holy crap!" I said. It had been huge news. The Board of Educationsaid that its No Child Left Behind tests had cost tens of millions of dol-lars to produce and that they'd have to spend it all over again now thatthey'd had the leak. They called it "edu-terrorism." The news had specu-lated endlessly about the political motivations of the leaker, wondering ifit was a teacher's protest, or a student, or a thief, or a disgruntled govern-ment contractor.

"That was YOU?""It was me," she said.

"And you told Jolu this —""Because I wanted him to be sure that I would keep the secret. If heknew my secret, then he'd have something he could use to put me in jailif I opened my trap. Give a little, get a little. Quid pro quo, like in Silenceof the Lambs.""And he told you.""No," she said. "He didn't.""But —""Then I told him how into you I was. How I was planning to totallymake an idiot of myself and throw myself at you. Then he told me."I couldn't think of anything to say then. I looked down at my toes. Shegrabbed my hands and squeezed them.

"I'm sorry I squeezed it out of him. It was your decision to tell me, ifyou were going to tell me at all. I had no business —""No," I said. Now that I knew how she'd found out, I was starting tocalm down. "No, it's good you know. You.""Me," she said. "Li'l ol' me.""OK, I can live with this. But there's one other thing.""What?""There's no way to say this without sounding like a jerk, so I'll just sayit. People who date each other — or whatever it is we're doing now —they split up. When they split up, they get angry at each other. Some-times even hate each other. It's really cold to think about that happeningbetween us, but you know, we've got to think about it."171"I solemnly promise that there is nothing you could ever do to me thatwould cause me to betray your secret. Nothing. Screw a dozen cheer-leaders in my bed while my mother watches. Make me listen to BritneySpears. Rip off my laptop, smash it with hammers and soak it in sea-wa-ter. I promise. Nothing. Ever."I whooshed out some air.

"Um," I said.

"Now would be a good time to kiss me," she said, and turned her faceup.

M1k3y's next big project on the Xnet was putting together the ultimateroundup of reports of the DON'T TRUST party at Dolores Park. I put to-gether the biggest, most bad-ass site I could, with sections showing theaction by location, by time, by category — police violence, dancing, after-math, singing. I uploaded the whole concert.

It was pretty much all I worked on for the rest of the night. And thenext night. And the next.

My mailbox overflowed with suggestions from people. They sent medumps off their phones and their pocket-cameras. Then I got an emailfrom a name I recognized — Dr Eeevil (three "e"s), one of the primemaintainers of ParanoidLinux.



I have been watching your Xnet experiment with great interest. Herein Germany, we have much experience with what happens with a gov-ernment that gets out of control.


One thing you should know is that every camera has a unique "noisesignature" that can be used to later connect a picture with a camera. Thatmeans that the photos you're republishing on your site could potentiallybe used to identify the photographers, should they later be picked up forsomething else.


Luckily, it's not hard to strip out the signatures, if you care to. There'sa utility on the ParanoidLinux distro you're using that does this — it's172called photonomous, and you'll find it in /usr/bin. Just read the manpages for documentation. It's simple though.


Good luck with what you're doing. Don't get caught. Stay free. Stayparanoid.


Dr EeevilI de-fingerprintized all the photos I'd posted and put them back up,along with a note explaining what Dr Eeevil had told me, warning every-one else to do the same. We all had the same basic ParanoidXbox install,so we could all anonymize our pictures. There wasn't anything I coulddo about the photos that had already been downloaded and cached, butfrom now on we'd be smarter.

That was all the thought I gave the matter than night, until I got downto breakfast the next morning and Mom had the radio on, playing theNPR morning news.
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